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Job Description:

You’ll be able to work remotely with rest of the team based all around the country. We fully support agile working and lots of our team have flexible working patterns in place, we’re always happy to talk about how we can support you with this.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Knowing the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, with a focus on continuous improvement. For example, encouraging and rewarding continuous improvement and quality outcomes
  • Holding self and others accountable to meet commitments. Helping the team learn from success, failure, and feedback. Adhering to, and supporting others with goals, policies, and procedures
  • Planning and prioritising work to meet commitments aligned with organisational objectives. For example, outlining clear plans that put actions in a logical sequence
  • Producing data and tailored MI across multiple PPI products and reporting on operational and product level performance, identifying and articulating relevant insights to the Senior Leadership Team (Grade F+)
  • Taking on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy and enthusiasm, for example, takes timely action on important or difficult issues
  • Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives. For example, readily involving others to accomplish goals; staying in touch and sharing information; and showing appreciation for others’ ideas and input
  • Operating effectively, even when things are not certain or the way forward is not clear. For example, remaining calm and positive and keeping others focused during transitions or chaotic situations. Providing coaching or support to keep people moving forward despite incomplete information

Job Requirements:

  • Computer Savvy – can understand and effectively use standard office equipment and standard software packages to support business processes.
  • For example; you’re proficient with the use of Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint etc, and can design spreadsheets that streamline the collection of information
  • Technical Skills – it would be required to have a competent level of Excel, VBA and SQL knowledge
  • Data Collection and Analysis- The ability and skills to determine and analyse trends from data that is collected to assist in compiling reports that will help in decision making, for example; able to look at reports and understand what it’s telling you so that you can make recommendations to the senior team about improvements that could be made.
  • Analytical Processes – apply appropriate analytical processes and procedures to support research schedules, for example; you’re hardworking, having an awareness and passion for the different analytical processes that exist and a strong ability to apply them. This makes the data dynamic, providing a unique perspective and shows senior contacts how they can apply the findings to maximise their business
  • Review & Reporting – review and create reports for various audiences in a lucid and effective manner, keeping in mind the purpose and relevance of the reports, for example; taking information from various sources and compiling into a meaningful way that tells a story. This then shows senior audiences what they need to know in a way that’s easy to understand

Job Details:

Company: Lloyds

Vacancy Type: Full Time

Job Location: Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Application Deadline: N/A

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